Bike Durham Business Membership

Bike Durham can use your financial support to increase visibility of our advocacy efforts for a low-stress network. We are making exciting strides to create a city that’s safer for people to bike, walk, scooter and move around. Specifically, your support will help us map our vision for a connected network of safe and accessible streets for all people, whether 8 or 80 years old!

Businesses in Durham appreciate that bicycling creates healthy, vibrant, happy, and more equitably connected communities. Bicycling promotes physical, emotional, and environmental health for all residents, and supports local businesses by replacing congestion with foot traffic.

Bike Durham has been shaping the conversation about bicycling, walking, and the utilization of our public spaces since 2013. We’ve spent over five years engaging with tens of thousands of Durham residents to promote the importance of biking, walking, and public transit for our communities. We have big plans for Durham and we need your business to help lead the future of our movement.

Our immediate goals that decide the work that we do everyday include:

  • Building a low-stress network so that every resident of Durham lives within a mile of an all-ages accessible bicycling facility.

  • Exponentially growing our bike mode share until we’re leading the pack of U.S. mid-sized cities.

Your donation can be used to support essential operating costs such as web hosting, logistics software, and rent for our small storage unit where we keep event supplies. We also need your financial support to continue hosting rides and social/educational events for cyclists of all levels and abilities. We're working to create a more inclusive community through better signage and professionally-designed materials.

If you have a specific request for your contribution, please talk to us about how we best steward your donation. For more information on how to become a business member, contact Amy Johndro at

Bike Durham doesn’t believe in sponsorship because we think the best way to achieve change is to work together. That’s why a Bike Durham business membership comes with the following options:

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