Our Purpose and Intention

Statement of Purpose

We believe that everyone should have access to safe and affordable transportation regardless of race, wealth, gender identity, ability or where they live. Biking and walking are the most healthy and sustainable ways to move. Bike Durham promotes policy, infrastructure, education, and community events to make Durham more equitable; empowering people of all ages to walk and bike more.


The success of Bike Durham’s Statement of Purpose depends on internal equity and diversity. As such, Bike Durham is committed to Bicycle Equity as defined by Slow Roll Chicago:

Bicycle Equity demands a public commitment to intentional diversity and radical inclusion within the bicycle advocacy, transportation and urban planning sectors as well as the broader cycling community. Equity is the promise to reflect diversity in a way which is intentional, deliberate and operational. This means achieving real inclusion is something that is beyond the realm of normal effort and is the extra effort required to be inclusive of people who have traditionally been marginalized, disadvantaged and disenfranchised in our society. (Slow Roll Chicago Bicycle Equity, February 2019)

Bike Durham is committed to the work of equity internally and externally. We appreciate the encouragement and patience of our community partners as we grow. Likewise, as we grow and learn we will likely modify the statements above to clarify our purpose.